Book A Party

Accomodating groups from 10 to 200, Ralic's on South creates memorable, one-of-a-kind affairs for lovers of seafood, sports, and live entertainment.  Want to plan a stand-up cocktail soiree featuring artisan wines and raw bar? We've got that! Want to organize a multi-course Fisherman's Feast highlighting the frestest grilled, broiled or fried seafood anywhere? We do that! Want to orchestrate the ultimate fresh seafood and craft-brew tailgate party to watch the big game? We live for that!

With a side room perfect for private parties and Ralic's Cove, a 100 person back room and event space we've got you covered.  With space for live music or DJ dance parties, and customizable bar or food options, Ralic's allows you to personalize your event to fit your vision.

Please contact our event coordinator at 215.418.0601 or [email protected] to plan the party all your guests will rave about.